Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Blew It, Terra Nova

A show set 85 million years in the past. Dinosaur time. You know what I'd do if I had a show set in the dinosaur-riddled past? I'd show some damn dinosaurs! Holy friggin' crap, how hard is that to figure out? Instead, the show with more children on it than Sesame Street now adds two more little lisping nitwits to the show. Great. Makes sense, though, as I think those kids are the same ones who wrote the script. I've seen more plot twists on a book of matches than in this show. I'm done with it, but should anyone associated with the show happen to stumble drunkenly across this blog I offer the following advice: watch Primeval, and take notes. They show dinosaurs (or some other prehistoric or future critter) multiple times each episode! With no children! It got its seasons expanded because of rabid fans, plus it's getting a spinoff. The only thing spin-worthy about Terra Nova is the water that's swirling around with it in the bowl.