Sunday, January 04, 2015

Verb is the Word

I'm dusting this off to vent. I've seen the apostrophe mangled all to hell, and now I'm watching as people refuse to understand the concept of verb tense. It's another one of those painfully simple things, but people are even more painfully simple so they just don't bother. It goes like this: he is, they are. Verb tense! More and more, I see this: Sony are apologizing for being bad marketers. No! No no no no no no! Sony is a company. Singular. I don't care if they employ a million people. One entity = singular verb. The crew are working hard to earn vacation days. NO! There is one crew. Again, I don't care if there are a bajillion people in the crew. Single crew = singular verb. It sucks getting old and watching the language die because of laziness. I'm glad I'll be dead before we're back to grunting at cave paintings.