Wednesday, September 01, 2004

This may or may not be quick...

"Breath" and "breathe" are two different words. They mean different things. "Breath" is a noun, and it's what you take when you "breathe", the appropriate verb. I just looked at a well-meaning, professional website, and it espoused the right for everyone to "breath clean air". No, I'd much rather breathe clean air, thank you all the same.

It's thing like this that drive me insane. Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only person who notices these things. I find typos wherever I go. Really. In Vegas, on the Star Trek experience, inside of a mock shuttlecraft with full Star Trek decals and artwork and with the full and glowing approval of the fine folks at Paramount is the word "teleportationm". This is not in the new part of the experience, but the part that has been up for several years. In the MICU waiting room at the VA hospital in Miami, a professionally-engraved sign lists the things visitors must do "durning" visits. I had no idea Charles Durning was a vet, or that he was sick enough to warrant his own visiting hours. Today, while having breakfast/lunch/dinner with my wife, one of the items on the menu at Okey Dokey's was "Toas" chili.

She wonders why I scream whenever I go outside.

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