Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Circuits Are Fusing...

... the surveillance system, everything is overloaded! And I think Ted is dead.

If you can name that movie and you're not related to me, you get 100 Internet Points to spend wherever you wish.


Dzeni said...

The movie in question is "Strange Brew Script" which is, if I am not mistaken a Canadian Beer movie. You can get the entire dialogue at the link below:

Do I get my points now ??

Wontar said...

Dzeni - Wow!!! You are absolutely correct! (And I am stunned that anyone else actually knew that bit of trivia, or even bothered to research it!) It is from "Strange Brew", starring Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas from SCTV as Bob and Doug McKenzie. The line in question was spoken by the evil Brewmeister Smith, played by Max Von Sydow. (What he was doing in that movie, I'll never know.)

The 100 well-earned points are yours to spend! Enjoy!

Dzeni said...

Thanks :) All I will say is that Google is a wonderful thing.