Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reason # 8,529,458* That My Wife Is Amazing

Why, you ask? Yesterday I had a bright idea. As is so often the case with my bright ideas, it involved one of the computers secluded in one of the rooms of the apartment. I put up a good fight for a couple hours, but eventually the need to try it overwhelmed this "patience" thing normal people seem to have. So, I started my little project. A couple hours later, I was drenched in sweat and cursing. "But that's normal for you", you say. "Bite me", is my rejoinder.

Eventually, I finished, and believe it or not my wacky idea worked. Believe me, I was shocked too. The Mrs. wasn't shocked, though. Go figure.

(*Don't make me list them. I'm stubborn enough to do it.)


Sam said...

I would never ask you to list all of them, but it might be nice to know what this particular wacky idea was...

Wontar said...

Painfully boring, Sam. I ran 50' of ethernet cable from the office out to the computer in the living room that's hooked up to the TV. Why? So we could watch streaming video, of course!