Saturday, November 03, 2007


Haven't put words on here in a while, so here's a brief recap:

Went to see Bill Cosby for Deb's birthday. Not for a lunch or anything, but an actual concert type venue. He was quite funny, and I learned he has very visible glaucoma.

I've been doing web design work. Sorta. I'm customizing people's CafePress shops. On purpose, you know, because they ask me to. And pay me. That's an important detail. It's fun, and makes a nice break from trying to crank out designs.

Today marks the first day since March or so that I've worn pants all day. No, not because my kilt is at the cleaners. We're sick. Kinda. It's weird. Deb got symptoms first, and actually felt bad for more than ten minutes. I got them late the next day. She's mostly better. I think I'm OK. But then, I've gone to work with fevers and other nasty ailments, so I'm not one to talk. I guess I've been bragging too much about not being sick since moving to AZ. If this is "sick", though, I'll take it.

Nothing much other than that. We're terribly, terribly dull. And we like it that way.

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Sam said...

Are you still busy or are you still sick? I hope it's the former. Either way, you need to sign up for Twitter, since this blog doesn't seem to have a "nudge" button. ;)