Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merry New Year

Happy 2008, everyone! Remember that when you write your next check. All the best to the half dozen or so people who read this, and I guess to everyone else as well. (I'm feeling festive.)


Oliviah said...

Happy New Year! :-)

By the way, what does the option "Email follow-up comments to oliviahaha@gmail.com" mean? The other option was to give my nickname and url. I am not sure what purpose that serves either. Oh, and there was also the option of posting anonymously.

I clicked the first option thinking it might mean it would send me the following comments that were added to that post. If it works like that, that would be a handy option for people like me who forget pretty much everything. It would make it a lot easier to keep up with everyone.

Now, one more time:

Happy New Year!

tsduff said...

Just a wish to you peace and prosperity in the new year.

Wontar said...

Happy New Year, Oliviah! Yes, checking that box means that you'll get my oh-so-informative comment back in your e-mail. There have been a few changes at Blogger. I couldn't tell you what they are, though, because I barely post any more, much less comment. :\

Wontar said...

Thanks, Terry! And a happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year to you as well!

Oliviah said...

Ah, your "oh-so-informative comment" popped right into my email exactly like you said. That is fantastic. I didn't know you hadn't been posting or commenting. I hope you are feeling well and that everything is ok.

Well, for those times you do feel like posting I am glad blogger has this new handy-dandy feature.

This word verification looks like a sneeze might sound: "Ep--nehfz!!!!"