Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We Really Shook The Pillars Of Heaven, Didn't We Wang?

CafePress has a problem with its shopping cart. The problem isn't widespread, and that's probably why a fix is slow in coming. It's been about three weeks now, maybe more. I've submitted bug reports, as have other people, yet the problem remains. Yesterday, I decided that I'd had it.

I e-mailed the CEO and told him all about it.

I told him about the problem, told him where to look to see that I wasn't the only wacky person experiencing the problem, and I told him how bad it was for business for all of us. (I used more words than that. You know how I get.)

To his credit, he responded in about six hours. I know it was from him and not from a lackey. He thanked me, and said he was going to make sure it got investigated. About an hour later, I received an e-mail from the EVP. He said the same thing.

Now, according to a post on the CP forums, they've changed the way these bug reports are handled. More informative, straight to the IT department, good stuff like that.

While I'm not thrilled with CP right now, I am impressed by their executives. Hopefully they'll see to it that the problem gets fixed ASAP.

I'm just glad to have successfully tilted at a windmill. I have to mark my calendar.

(Bonus points if you know the movie quote.)


Sam said...

No bonus points for me, Wontar, but all of us (even those with zero sales) at CP owe you a big ol' bucket o' gratitude.

So thanks!

Anonymous said...

"Big Trouble in Little China"!!!

What kind of prize do I win? How about some free gas!

Keep "tilting" little brother!

Wontar said...

Hey, no problem, Sam. I'm a natural-born troublemaker. Especially when the money for my rent check is involved!

No fair! You haven't seen a new movie since 1985. And the proper response is: "No horseshit, Jack." If you want free gas, eat a three bean salad.