Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nothing to Say

So I'll say it. That's what a blog is for. The usual here: working, making stuff, putting things in both shops. No real post-election insight to share. When the choice is between a slogan and the Manchurian Candidate, it just cements how bad off we really are.

Unrelated to anything: it was 84 today. 84 tomorrow, too. It's mid-November. Enough already! Make with the 60 degree temps!


Will Doohan said...

I've been feeling the same way lately. I've got nothing to say and my imagination seems to be turned off. I know it'll come back eventually. Maybe I was taking to much Obamacain(tm) during the "seemingly endless Bataan death march to the Whitehouse".(To use John Stewart's phrase. The word Obamacain is mine though. :-))

Will Doohan said...

Don't mean to sound angry, but just what the hell is a 'Wontar' anyway? :-D

Wontar said...

"Wontar" is the person I see in the mirror. :P

There's no short version, so here it is: When I went to college, I dated a girl from Long Island. With a Long Island accent, naturally. We were at her house, and wanted to go to the town of Wantaugh. When spoken with her accent, it came out "Wontar". That caused me to laugh for about three solid hours, because that word conjured up a rampagant barbarian, not a pre-fab suburb. When the time came to establish an online account, all the derivations of my name were already gone. So, I went with "Wontar". (At AOL, no less.) I've been "Wontar" for 16 years now, I think.

File that one under the "hey, you asked!" category.

Will Doohan said...

Hahahahaha, that's funny. I shall think of you now as "Wontar the Barbarian"