Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yep, Still Breathing

You know you're working hard when you get an e-mail from your parents that say they never hear from you. Then you check your blog and see you haven't posted in a month and a half. Wow. We've been a bit busy. Moreso than usual since the online empire took a severe kick to the groinular region. We're cranking out new shops, new blogs, and basically scrambling to lessen the impact of it all. Hey, it still beats waking up to an alarm clock and going through the day with homicidal thoughts. Plus, we're learning at an almost constant rate. Scary, perhaps, but true.

Sunday marks our sixth wedding anniversary for those of you keeping score at home. It seems that the traditional gifts for year six are candy and iron. Don't get those confused. The modern gift is wood. We'll take the candy, thank you.


Sam said...

Happy anniversary! But don't even try to convince me that you spend the day *not* having homicidal thoughts. That's just crazy talk.

Wontar said...

I'm working my way up to 10 homicidal thought-free minutes per day. It's an uphill climb.

Will Doohan said...

Good luck with all your commercial and Marital endeavors.

(Putts some candy Wontar's way with a part wood, part steel golf club)