Monday, March 08, 2004

My job consists of me telling the same people the same things over and over. I have not yet figured out why these people don't remember anything I tell them. They remember how to get to work. They remember to get dressed before coming to work. They certainly remember to eat. Even if they don't write down what I tell them (and they don't), at least some of what I tell them should be sticking somewhere in the nooks and crannies of their tiny little minds. It's not like I pass along answers to multi-tiered quantum physics equations. I pass along pointers to what is, in essence, data entry. There are about a dozen or two people among 300 who can actually function well in the job. The others are too frightened by the demon that is technology to be effective. Or they're too scared they may have to actually develop a work ethic, so they scurry off and huddle in complaining groups.

The scariest part is that every one of them believes that he or she isn't being paid enough. Isn't being paid enough to do little or nothing. Poorly. When you point that out to them, they get offended and do even less. If you take the other tack and praise them for doing nothing, they get all proud of their nothingness and do even less.

Any wonder why I want another job?

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