Sunday, April 04, 2004

Returned from Vegas yesterday. Man, do I love Vegas! I love it even more now that I've actually won something. Long story short: it was our first full day there, and Deb and I were down about $500. We were in the Stratosphere, looking for a vibe off of a machine, when I plunked my ass down in front of a $2 slot machine, put in a $100 bill, hit the "max credit spin" button... and got a purple 7, triple, triple. It didn't do anything at first, which confused us. Then the lights, the noise, and the little LED at the bottom which said to contact an attendant because we just won 1440 credits. We couldn't figure out how much that was. We're so accustomed to losing, that the whole winning thing had to be learned on the spot. (For those of you who suck at math worse than me, that's $2,880 bucks from pressing a single button.) We had to get a W-2G, which is pretty ironic. Here we are, a thousand plus miles away from work, and we get an IRS form. About 15 minutes later I won another $200 on a quarter machine, so I made $3,000 in about a half hour. Not a bad hourly wage, and it's one I'm going to shoot for.

We did all sorts of nifty stuff, but if you're reading this you probably already saw my webpage, so you know that already. We're also ready to move, but not just because of the gambling. Long Island has lost what little charm it had. It's nice having everything convenient and all, but it's not nice dealing with people who are plain old rude. I don't like the way it makes me feel, either. I vaguely remember being a nicer person, way back when. Maybe a change of scenery will bring that back.

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