Wednesday, June 02, 2004

There's a little scandal going on here about some school children in their mid-late teens who put on a drag show. They were on an overnight trip somewhere, and the show was the idea of one of the teachers watching them. (Some would call that person a chaperone.) The kids had fun, it kept them in the hotel instead of out causing trouble, and yet there are parents who are upset about it. I've got news for you, Mommy and Daddy middle class... if in the coming months or years your little Timmy suddenly develops a penchant for wearing women's clothing, I can guarantee you that this little drag show is not to blame. The whole thing was intended to be funny, not a practice session or a "Future Transvestites of America" dinner dance. Remember Uncle Milty? One of the first images ever to be broadcast on television? Big ugly man in a dress. It's a comedy staple. For those who don't have memories that span into past lives like I do, how about Mrs. Doubtfire?

I'll wager that the teacher responsible is going to be canned in a panic move by the school. So, there's a tip for all you teachers out there. Instead of being creative and trying to keep the kids in your care out of trouble/danger, just give 'em big chunks of crack and tell them it's rock candy. If any of them survive and their parents complain, just say it's part of a drug awareness program. You'll get praised.

I really hate people.

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