Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I'm not enraged at the moment. Not any kind of angry. I'm revelling in that. In fact, I've achieved a whole new outlook on work which is helping me through my day. "Rampagant apathy", I believe it's called. I have been one of the painfully few who have gone over and above to help the mindless masses at work, and we've all been consistently shat upon for it. Now that automation is coming, and it's being helped along from all sides, I am just going to sit back and laugh. At a meeting of managers yesterday, several kept remarking on how low the morale was, because the people are all living in fear of the impending automation. Good. They should be in fear. They have no skills, no competencies, no nothing. And now that they realize the gravy train is falling off the tracks and into Dead Man's Canyon, they're panicking. Don't bother to build your skills while you can, and actually work your way towards a better job. Nah. Why do that? Get paid the same no matter what, and not working is certainly easier than working.

Two words for you, my myopic lazy little bastards: "HA HA!"

And an added perk for me is that our new director is apparently living in fear of IEIN as well, and spreading rumors about it. Love it. Since I'm not big and scary and imposing in life like I always dreamed of, I get a certain thrill being associated with a project that is synonymous with impending doom. My level of caring for the job is at an all-time low. I have no sympathy, no pity, for the majority of people who work there. They want the world on a silver platter, but won't even expend the effort of rasing a hand to reach for the platter to get it. Screw that, and screw them. Sorry everyone, but it seems my selfishness is starting to kick in. There are still the select few I'll watch out for and do whatever I can for, but the rest of them... well... it involves something called nano-pirahna, and it's friggin' hysterical.

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