Friday, July 30, 2004

I am enraged. Not only did I have to take the day off because my computer profile at work was locked, and the shit-for-brained IT people can't unlock me in less than a day, but one of the "fun" things I slated to do at home was to pay my IRS charge card bill. They send me on all these trips, and I have to pay for it. Well, they give me money, which I in turn have to give to the credit card company. So, after futzing around with the website and having no success, I actually broke down and called their support staff. They did whatever, and I got in to the government's citibank site. After another 20 minutes of searching every pulldown and link on there, I called their reps back again. Why? THERE'S NO FUCKING OPTION TO *PAY* MY GODDAMNED BILL!!!!! And what does the syrupy-voiced rep say? You can't pay a government card online! Of course! Why, oh WHY, would I think that any slice of the government would be touched by the ocean of technology and convenience? What the hell is wrong with me?

So, they're going to get their payment a couple days late. I'll get fired for it. All because the IRS thinks technology is a four letter word. With six Zs and five Qs in it. And no vowels. Dumbasses.

Even my unplanned days off are wasted by my goddamn job. If you could harness the power of my hate and rage, I could keep New York city warm and toasty for a couple thousand years. There would actually be many who die from severe burns.

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