Wednesday, February 08, 2006


We're back! Gators are nice to visit, but give me my coyotes and rattlesnakes! (And single-digit humidity.) No problems whatsoever with the trip, though I'd still like to ask any airline moguls who may be reading this to seriously consider a separate airline for families traveling with children. Non-breeders and adults would pay extra to fly if they knew that they wouldn't be stuck in a tin can for 5 hours with a screaming 2 year old and her precocious brother while mommy tries to reason with them. (Yeah, reason with a 2 year old. Perhaps a lengthy discussion about Camus would keep her quiet? Or some light reading from the Upanishads?) Hell, let them fly in the luggage compartment. If pets have to go there, so do kids under 12. Unless they're heavily sedated. Nothing peels the skin off my head more than the sound of a screeching kid. I guess that noise is supposed to awaken some sort of parental response in people at some primal level. Leap to the aid of the younglings or whatever. Makes me want to put them in the plane's sidecar. (Shh... don't tell them there isn't one.) I sure as hell don't want to save them from whatever is making them make that noise. Nothing like a really loud sound to draw the predators in close to the bite-sized kidnugget.

One odd thing... in checking the logs for the site, I discovered that I had a visitor from NASA. This particular person did an MSN search for "squeaking chest", and found my site. I don't really want to know why someone from NASA is searching for that, and it hurts my head to think of the possibilities.

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