Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mystickal's "Valentine's Day Contest"

Stephanie at Mystical Incense & More has another writing contest up. The theme for this one is love, and for those of you who think I'm too heartless, I give you the following:

The Mother and Father of Life took the body of a baby and fed it Kindness, Knowledge, Love, Hope, Sensitivity, Creativity, Caring, and Strength. They showed their creation to all of the gods, and said that it outshone all the gods had done.

The gods, enraged, took the child and fed it Hate, Rage, Anger, Fear, Forgetfulness, Illness, Intolerance, and Pain. Then they hid the child's Kindness, Hope, Caring, and Love deep within his heart.

The Mother and Father of Life took back the child and raised it with all their skills into a man; a man who let Anger and Fear hide all else in him so that he existed, but he did not Live.

On a journey far from home, the man met a woman who defied the gods and used her own heart to unlock his and reveal what was hidden within it.

When his heart opened, the world grew brighter. Their unlocked hearts burned with a light that was greater than the power of any man or god:


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