Friday, March 24, 2006

Time and Tide, Death and The Other Thing

A little advice to those of you in the states who are thinking of moving to another state... move on December 31. That way, you'll never have to experience the joy that is the partial-year state tax return!

In any event, the taxes are done and Deb hasn't killed me. That's two wins for me! (The T-word causes much stress in our household, as you may imagine.) To celebrate the completion of all that paperwork, we're going to go out and buy this. (My wife is the coolest person in the known universe. End of story.) So... you may not hear from us for a while, as we'll be up to our sahasrāra chakra in another world.

Update: If anyone else is interested in downloading this image as a desktop image, go here. There are some others up there too. If you have any requests, let me know.


sam said...

I have a permanent headache every year from January 31st to April 15th, and that's without moving. Congrats on getting your stuff together, and on surviving! (Shouldn't this be easy for you, given your work history? Just askin'...)

That red swirl thingy is pretty awesome! Have you tried it as a desktop yet?

Wontar said...

Sam - Despite our previous work history, the only 1040 either of us ever touched was our own. There are a lot of different taxes out there, and we didn't do anything with individual taxes other than what everyone else does. (i.e. curse a lot until April 15.) :)

I hadn't thought of using the red swirly thingy as a desktop. Now that I have, I've sent you the file. Pretty cool, if I say so myself.

sam said...

Very cool! I've got it as my desktop, now (after getting rid of a about 400 emails). Have you considered submitting stuff to ResEx or Pixelgirl?

Oliviah said...

Oblivion!!! (does the happy dance for you and Deb)

That "red swirly thingy" is really cool, btw!