Friday, June 30, 2006

I Hate Boxes

The move is over. The unpacking has begun. The cable guy actually came on time, and was incredibly helpful and efficient. Hence the connectivity. I think I drank about two liters of water a day for the last five days. Interestingly, it just seemed to seep right out of the bottle and out my shirt. I'm very, very glad it was only in the mid to upper 90s during the move. That may sound insane, but it could have easily been 110+ for the entire week.

The new apartment complex folk have been very accommodating. No pun intended. They installed a ceiling fan in our office (which for normal people would be the second bedroom) for free, they've removed (and will be removing) doors for which we have no use, and were even an integral part of the efficiency of our cable installation today. He needed authorization to drill through a wall, and had it in under five minutes. Awesome.

So... we're here, we're finding places for everything, and the clock is counting down for the next move. (No, I'm not kidding.) I think we should just get an RV, so all our crap could move with us all the time, even when we go get groceries and stuff.


Trée said...

"I think we should just get an RV, so all our crap could move with us all the time, even when we go get groceries and stuff."

Now that's funny. :-D

Glad to hear the move is over. Now tell your wife to start posting again--no more excuses. :-)

scooter's thoughts said...

Way to go little brother! Glad to hear your move went well. Wish I was there to help. Helpfull? timely? What do those things mean? I live in N.Y. those descriptive adj. have gone by the way of the rumble seat. (once your a jet, your a jet for all time) rumble, get it? Can't wait to see pics of the place.

Oliviah said...

Now comes the best part...making your new place "home".

transoptic said...

Glad you guys got thru the move O.K.

I'm glad you looked in the 5 ton tractor we used to have, as I explained the 4 speed, 2 speed transfer case, with an additional 2 range hydraulic split in each gear transmission to you. {For you math folks, that's a 16 speed transmission!} I hope it came in handy whilst ya moved !?!?!

I know it didn't, I was just trying to impress ya with my memory !!

BTW, our pick-up trucks are longer than yer moving truck..

Enough frivolity !!

Glad everything is well @ the new place. When's the next move to be ?

From the washed out Northeast....