Sunday, June 04, 2006

Volcano, Wukoki, 118 degrees

Those are three things we experienced today. The first was the Sunset Crater Volcano. I never thought I'd see a volcano, but then again I never thought I'd live in Arizona. The wupatki wukoki was a few miles away from the volcano, and it was inside the wukoki I took this nifty shot:

Since Sam (or someone) will ask, I've already sized it for desktop goodness.

As for the 118 degrees... that was noted in Flagstaff when we stopped for gas. Luckily, it was not quite so unseasonably warm here when we returned.

In any event, we're home. We're tired. There will be a few pics posted, but I've got to go through a few hundred and find the really, really good ones. (Not an easy job.) (You know you went on a good vacation when you can say that you took 100 pictures each day and can honestly say you didn't get it all. Or even come close.) Deb will go through her shots as well, so prepare yourself for full-color rocky goodness.


Oliviah said...

That IS a nifty shot! I can't wait to see more. I'm glad you guys had a good trip.

scooter's thoughts said...

I love this shot! It says so many things. You can picture it (pun intended) as your life, comming out of your dark, dreary, hole in the wall a.k.a. New York, and looking into the vast future you have in that bright, WARM, wonderful place in which you live. cool!