Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Geek Is The Word, or Reason 748,927,852 Why My Wife Is The Coolest Person Ever

We have an extra computer, thanks to Deb's recent upgrade. In the past, our computer hand-me-downs have gone to various members of my family. The 2,000+ mile gap now makes that just a tad bit impractical. So, I finally got to implement one of my wacky ideas. (No, not that one. That's illegal!) I have the computer set up in the bedroom, hooked up to the TV, and the hard drive will have as many movies on there as I can manage. In other words: our very own on-demand movie thingy! It's got the first two seasons of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on it so far, with more seasons and selections to follow. Oh, and I hooked up a set of computer speakers, too. Complete with subwoofer. Because I can. Energy settings are set to power down after slightly longer than a movie's worth of time has elapsed. It's all controlled with a wireless mouse, too. (Sorry, I just drooled on my pocket protector.)

My wife not only allows me such geeky outbursts, but actually appreciates them! How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

Wow! that sounds fantastic, what a cool system! I hope the first reason on your list of why your wife is so cool is that she puts up with you and your crazy family.

transoptic said...

As previously noted - your new on demand system sounds-and probably looks fantastic.

Hope yer pocket calculator has dried enough to use.

Just think - you can accomplish all of that electronic amazement, and ya grew up in an abandoned cow pasture. Mayhaps there was something in the ground water, eh ?!? That's why the "family" is crazy !!