Friday, August 11, 2006

One Month

A little clarification for the observant... A few months ago I signed up to write a little bit about one of the people whose life was ended on September 11, 2001. If you have a blog and are interested, go to 2,996 and sign up. The goal is to have one writer per victim, and as it stands now that goal may not be reached.

That makes me angry, as do many things, but it also makes me sick. It's only been five years, and many people think that we were attacked by Iraq, which is why we're at "war" with them. If they even think at all. But this week two things of varying significance happened: the crown of the Statue of Liberty was closed indefinitely, and even more restrictions have been placed on airline passengers because of a foiled terrorist plot. The UK has it worse than we do, and I sincerely wonder what would happen if the airlines forbade Americans their cell phones and laptops. For that matter, I wonder if they'd do anything at all. Sure, they'd whine, but that doesn't count. Some wouldn't even make the connection. Case in point: I overheard a snippet of one of the fine college students/leaders of tomorrow in a diner today. Her parents were lamenting the fact that they may have to change their flight plans. The girl wondered why. Of course, this is the same girl who, later in the conversation while describing her dream house, wants to have a mirror that has "You are beautiful" etched on the glass. So yeah, there are plenty of issues there. She'll be a fine catch for someone, some day!

So, one month from today, you'll see a post that might not make sense. Or less sense than some of my other posts. I'll write about someone I never knew, never heard of, who went to work one day and never came home.

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Oliviah said...

I feel a sense of torment over 9-11 that I can't escape. It is bad enough the tragic loss of life. But add to that the willful ignorance and top that with the indifference people have--and I want to wring my hands in anguish. People are dying in this war (occupation) in Iraq. A war that was based on lies that have been exposed. The lies have been exposed!

And yet people still think the war on Iraq has something to do with 9-11!!

Do people believe that the losses we received on 9-11 will be diminished somehow or invalidated if we admit that Iraq had nothing to do with their deaths? That our government deceived us? Does this diminish our losses? No! It compounds them. People burying their heads in the sand has increased our vulnerability.