Monday, August 06, 2007


It's been quite humid here lately. Cloudy, rainy, floody... It has rained on occasion during our time in AZ, but it's been so sporadic that it's really helped me to see that humidity really makes my head hurt. A lot. (Hear that, family?) Sure, our high temperature today didn't get above 79, which meant that we got to leave the windows open and enjoy the cool weather. In August. But I've been eating Advil Migraine tablets and sitting near-motionless with an icepack on my head for two days. Humidity sucks, and this monsoon season can end any time now, thank you.

The cooler weather can stay.


sam said...

Did you see the season of Survivor where the one guy cured headaches by pulling out the "bad wind"? (So not what it sounds like.) You just sort of pinch and pull on the skin right between the eyes, over and over again, until the headache's gone. And if it doesn't work, you still get a nifty red spot to carry around as a conversation starter.

Hope it's better soon, Wontar.

Wontar said...

Sam, I can happily say that I've never seen any season of Survivor, nor any episode. That being said, I've heard of that method of dealing with headaches. Doesn't work for me. I think trepanation would work, but my wife won't drill a hole in my head. (Which makes her the only person I know who wouldn't.)