Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's A Tradition

Whilst taking down some Christmas decorations outside today, I heard something that really put me in the mind of Christmases (or Christmasi) gone by back on the hill. As I was outside in my T-shirt, taking down garland and tending my peppers (yes, they're still growing), I heard the lilting notes of an ice cream truck. Not the engine, but the plinking music. It's just what one would expect to hear on the second of January, no?


Zanthera Degore said...

You sure it wasn't the tinkling of a straight jacket coming your way?

Sam said...

January or July, the ice cream truck makes me crazy! It's just temptation on wheels! Evil, evil, evil, evil, evil!

As an aside, you had ice cream trucks in the hills? Next thing, you'll tell me you had indoor plumbing, too! :P

What sort of peppers?

Wontar said...

Couldn't be a straight jacket. The buckles make more of a clicking sound. This was definitely an ice cream truck's siren song.

No, Sam, there was no ice cream truck in the hills. However, it was so cold that we'd eat ice cream to warm up!

What kind of peppers? Green ones, and one wee hot one. Not the Angie Dickinson kind.

Sam said...

The Angie Dickinson kind are hotter. I can't believe you wimped out on the Pepper-growing!

Wontar said...

There's no point in growing peppers for only one person in a house of two.

tsduff said...

Greetings from sunny California. I lost your email, but I have been wondering lately about our dear Oliviah. Have you heard anything from here lately, and is she okay?
I think of her often.

Thanks -
Terry Duff