Friday, February 06, 2009

The Last of the Thirties

I turned 39 a few minutes ago. At least as far as the calendar is concerned. If you want to be a stickler about it, it won't be for another 18 hours or so. I don't remember the exact time. I didn't have a digital watch then. (Or now, for that matter.) It's the last year I can be 30-something. I'm OK with that, because that was a crappy show. Deb has already made her famous chocolate chip cookies in honor of the event, so our plans for the day will involve cookies, lunch out somewhere, and more cookies. Sounds pretty darn perfect to me!

Next year at this time, I'll be cursing at turning 40. Because it just sounds old. And in 2012 when the Mayans come back from the dead and their gods kill us all, I'll be 42. Assuming they wait a couple months before they snuff out all existence. If you're a Douglas Adams fan, that age is significant. If you're not, then it isn't.


Zanthera Degore said...

You lucky bastard!! I won't even be 40 when they come!

Happy birthday and may there be a never ending source of cookies for the day!

Sam said...

Happy birthday, old man!!! Good to know you're celebrating in style! :D

kevin said...

Wontar is truly an old fart now and bits will start to fall off from various places.

Wontar said...

Thanks all! Bits have already fallen off, Kev. I keep duct tape with me at all times, just in case.