Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Hope It's A Coincidence

I'm performing a test to see what food(s) make my gout feel worse. Since meat is a culprit, I'm doing the unthinkable: spending a week meat-free. Yes, really. No, my account hasn't been hacked. We bought Boca burgers, and I made a dish with those and rice, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and some whole grain wrap things. I had that for a couple days, and today we went out to a restaurant with a menu chock-full of meaty goodness and I ordered a black bean burger with a salad. (Really, my account hasn't been hacked. Get off the floor.)

Today is the first day in a couple weeks that I have had no pain in either my toe or knee. I really, really hope it's a coincidence. Next week I'll eat beef and see what happens. Turkey the following week. Not terribly exciting, I know, but necessary.

Oh yeah... Deb is not partaking of this experiment, and I wouldn't expect her to. She still gets to eat normal food. Lucky.

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