Monday, June 14, 2004

OK, I've spent a good portion of the day travelling, and I've come up with an idea. I really think this will work. My idea is that everyone who does NOT have a screaming infant pays an extra... oh, say 50 cents... to fund a little puddle jumper airline that carries nothing but screaming infants and their idiot parents. It'll be a special plane, too. One that's lined with acoustical enhancing tiles, so the parents as well as the children get the full effect of the bloody ear-splitting sound their damn screeching makes to the rest of us who are trapped in a tin can for three hours with the little bastards. The seats could even have randomly-placed used drug needles/needles dipped in some slow-acting non-contagious disease hidden in the seats. That way, a little Darwinism can be re-introduced to the mindless herd that thinks that it's OK to bring a screaming baby on a three hour flight.

I forsee this idea expanding, too. Not only for public transportation, but for restaurants and movie theaters and such. A separate theater just for those idiot parents who want a roomful of people to be annoyed and subsequently waste the price of a theater full of tickets rather than hire a goddamned babysitter.

The moral of my rant? Stop breeding, you goddamned morons.

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