Sunday, October 17, 2004

I'm about to do something at work that I've rarely if ever done: say "no" to something. I'm currently "in charge" of a group of people who actually care about what they do, have a desire to do their work correctly, and write down answers they receive to the questions they ask. That hasn't happened to me since December of 1996. It's so very refreshing to work with people who give a damn. I'd almost forgotten what it was like. Now, after experiencing this euphoria for nearly two weeks, the powers-that-be want to take me out of this and have me teach a class. Not just any class. They want to bring 15 people out of furlough ("furlough" = three months off of work, collecting unemployment, during the holiday season) to come and do work they don't want to do, during a time they don't want to work. Makes sense, right?

I'm thoroughly disgusted with work. For a wide variety of reasons. If any of you ever knew how your tax dollars were spent, you'd be outraged. To the point of revolution. So, I'm going to say "no". They asked me if I could teach, but never whether I wanted to. It's really not my fault that I'm the only technical manager they have. Everyone else has worked in the department for the same amount of time as I have. Yet some of them are "exceeds" for their annual evaluations, whereas I am only a "met". Well, they can have one of their "exceeds" teach. Not my friggin' problem.

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