Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Went to Atlantic City over the weekend. The fact that I'm going back to work tomorrow should tell you how well we did. The trip did have its highlights, though. We stayed at the Borgata, which is now our hotel of choice. Very, very nice. Has a nice "Las Vegas" feel to it, and not an "Atlantic City" feel to it. If you've been to both places, you know what I mean. If you haven't been to both places, what the hell is wrong with you? Vegas kicks ass!

Some of the enjoyable moments came in the form of paged announcements at the hotel. I don't know if these were real people being paged, or if the employees were feeling particularly bored that evening. (It was All Hallow's Eve, so they may have been tricking.) (Yo.) They sounded legit, though. One of the names sounded all too much like "Ollie Oxenfree", which is worth several hours of laughing right there. "Paging Mr. Oxenfree, Mr. Ollie Oxenfree. Your party cannot locate you." There was also someone whose name sounded like "Hockeyleague". And any time someone pages "Wing Wu", well that's just pure comedy.

We voted today. (He says, changing topics.) I'm a registered Republican who voted for Kerry. So there. I'm not going to go into a big political speech about how I feel, but in case you were curious you now know. (For the single-digit masses of people who read these things I type.)

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