Saturday, March 19, 2005

Slaughter the trees for the stupid

Today, March 19, IRS employees across the land received mail from their employer. The mail concerned a pay adjustment. One that came into financial reality with our paychecks received within the first few days of February. No, I didn't get the months backwards. We all got letters in mid-late March informing us of an impending change in the far-flung future of six weeks ago. Thirty seven cents apiece. Go ahead and do the math if you want to scream. Three hundred-ish people in just my department = $111.00 just for postage. One department. Envelopes, paper, computers to print the things and stuff them... I've done cost analyses for things like this, and it adds up quite fast. I hope you come by again for another visit, TIGTA folks. This is the kind of waste you're supposed to stop.

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