Tuesday, March 08, 2005

We bought a new phone for ourselves for Christmas. It has things like caller ID and mailboxes and stuff, all of which has lain dormant because we never had need for such things. However, we just signed up with Vonage (yes, the one with the annoying commercials) and we get a whole bunch of features with the service. Including caller ID. We learned how our phone's caller ID functions last night when we received a wrong number. It startled us, really. Why? The phone friggin' talks! How cool is that? And no, I don't mean the answering machine. I mean it said the name of the damn caller! It's very convenient for us, because we never answer the phone anyway. But now instead of waiting to hear who it is on the answering machine, the phone will tell us! Them high tech gadgets is fan-tastic!

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