Saturday, January 14, 2006


If the sky asks you a question, how would you answer? What if you didn't even know what the question was? What happens if you can't answer it? Is it just looking for approval? A "how's this?" kind of thing? Too much blue, not enough orange? Does this need lightning? Or is the sky asking one of those imponderables like "why?" Does the sky even really care what I think? Is it just wondering to itself?

Or is The Riddler up to his old tricks again?


Helen said...

Here's a couple the sky might ask:
-When are you going to stop choking me?
-Where's lucy and her diamonds?

Rabbit said...

"How does that hole in the ozone layer look from down there?"

That picture is really cool.

Wontar said...

Helen - I wanted to work Lucy into the questions, but couldn't figure out how. And as for the choking, it seems Tucson has a pollution problem. Great. Thanks for stopping by!

Rabbit - Just keep slathering on the SPF 4000 sunblock, and everything will be fine!