Monday, May 01, 2006

I Blame My Parents

We were waiting in line at the bank today. A man was at the ATM performing a transaction. (No, not "ATM machine"! If you say "ATM machine" please remove your own tongue. Thanks!) While performing the transaction, his cell phone rang. He answered it, took his money out of the machine, and walked away. Five seconds later, the ATM beeped. The screen read: "Would you like to perform another transaction?" I sighed, hit the "No" key, and out popped the man's ATM card. Then yours truly tore out of the place to catch the guy and give him his card back. It was 97 friggin degrees today, and I'm running in a parking lot in the middle of the day? What the hell is wrong with me?

Just one more reason why cell phones are bad. If the decision ever needs to be made between "answer cell phone" and "let strangers take all of my money out of my bank account", the cell phone should lose every time. Unless, of course, your bank account has less in it than it'd cost to get a new cell phone.

So... thank mom and dad! If not for your upbringing, Deb and I could've absconded with ill-gotten booty today!


Oliviah said...

That man was really fortunate that you happened to be the next one in line. Hooray for honesty.

transoptic said...

That's my boy !! 97 degrees, and he's thinking about booty !!

Sorry son, I couldn't let that one get past.

I thought I was the only one that notices the "ATM machine," "PIN number," "VIN number"." The last one usually spoken at the Motor Vehicle Office by the STAFF !!!
Drives {pardon the pun} me crazy !
Over the years I registered a fleet of buses & cars, I finally "got up enough nerve," {thanks Dad, - Wontar's Grampa} to tell the staff about their error.
Always AFTER the new registration was complete however! No fool I .

Trée said...

Good man.

Wontar said...

Oliviah - Nah. I mean, what would I do with the contents of someone else's bank account? (Don't answer that.)

transoptic - I'm a guy. Booty is on the brain whether it's 0 or 100 degrees Kelvin. And no, you instilled the critical eye in both of your sons. Just one of the many reasons why we're both bald.

Trée - Shh! Don't spread it around! I've got an image to uphold, after all.

Dzeni said...

And now you know why where I come from we say "no good deed goes unpunished". Thanks for the laugh :)