Monday, May 08, 2006

Lunch Date

Deb and I went on a date today. Something every couple should do now and then. We went out to lunch, and then actually saw a movie in one of them there moving picture theaters. (We haven't been to a theater since "Return of the King" was out.) (No, I'm not kidding.) Lunch was OK. Just "OK". Mainly because the place we visited just changed its menu and got rid of a bunch of stuff we actually liked. Bummer. The movie was what you'd expect us to see for an afternoon's post-eating entertainment: Silent Hill. Nothing helps the digestion better than a spooky gore-fest! Neither of us had ever played the game on which the film was based. We just went because it looked icky and creepy. It didn't disappoint in that regard. Or any regard, really. Great special effects, an actual plot, and buckets of blood. The ending was a tad ambiguous, (Remember Tad Ambiguous? Played varsity football in high school, C student...) but all in all it was worth the price of a matinee. As opposed to the price of a manatee, which is just not fair to the placid sea cow and its sense of self-worth.


transoptic said...

Glad you got some couples therapy.
Too,to, two bad about the eating establishment..
Great gobs o'gore always good apres a meal, eh ?!
A plot & blood - - what more could ya ask {for} if wanting a prepositional sentence..
I remember Tad !! Something about a locker room incident, right ?
Don't remember just what part the manatee played, however !?!?

Anonymous said...

Tad was overrated... Now the manatee on the other hand, he was out mascot. The fighting manatees! we roll over so you can chop us with your prop! what a fight song. talk about your gore and buckets o' blood. that's why they named the stadium the blood bowl.