Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Many more photos, and many more to come. Arizona is cool, even though it's supposed to hit 106 tomorrow. (Yikes!)


Oliviah said...

What a breathtaking view. Couldn't stand that kind of heat though.

transoptic said...

Great photo.
Look forward to more.
Are these aged optical receivers deceiving me, or is there a 3-D quality to this lone pic ?

Perhaps it was there B/4, but I missed it..

Safe travels to ya...

scooter's thoughts said...

Great pic! can't wait to see more. Send some of that heat here! Still running the furnace this morning! Enjoy your trip.

Trée said...

Very nice photo. Great composition. Would love to see more when you get the chance.

Wontar said...

Oliviah - If you think this is a good view, just wait until you see some of the others! And I know it sounds impossible, but 106 isn't bad when the humidity is low.

transoptic - I used a special refracting medum along with pan-dimensional pixels to generate a 3-D effect. Patent pending. (No idea why you see it in 3-D, Dad. Maybe you shouldn't sit so close to the monitor?)

Scooter - Furnace? We can smelt iron on the sidewalk, and you're running a furnace?

Trée - Thanks! Glad you like it. More (lots more!) are on the way.