Sunday, November 21, 2004

Rather than talk about all the work shit, here's something else...

I received an e-mail from the other day, touting the upcoming thrill-a-minute movie "National Treasure". There was a typo in the blurb about the picture. A typo. From Amazon. Amazon, as you may recall, started off their empire by selling books. Just books. Many of those books had words in them. Anyone getting me on this one? Not like a "who's/whose" kind of thing either. It was a word that any decent word processing application would have underlined, highlighted, flagged, whatever. But off it went all the same. Here's the offending fragment:

"steal the most revered, closely guarded document in American history before it falls into the wrong hands, and deciper the clues that will unlock this 2,000 year-old mystery."

So, I e-mailed them back. Showed them the error of their ways. I had to.
So far, all I've received in response is an auto-mailer thing. I don't expect a response, and I certainly don't expect a corrected version to be mailed out to the masses. I guess I really just can't get enough of banging my head against a wall.

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