Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well. That proves my theory. The country is populated with idiots. Bush won. How? How can there be so many people who believe that he's doing a good job? I read something that really explains it all too well, at least in my twisted little version of reality. The good ol' fashioned common man understands Bush. He's a bumbling, stupid puppet, but they understand him. Great. They understand him, which scares me, because idiots understand idiocy. Bet they read all about him on them there internets. He must gots that book-learnin', cuz he knows 'bout new-kewler weapons. They're new, they're kewl, so they must be good! An' he talks like my favorite NASCAR driver. What more could one want in a leader? I'm sure he just had that thing in his ear during the debates so he could listen to some knee-slappin country music during the boring parts. Nobody was feeding him dialogue. 'Course not. That would mean that the President is just a figurehead being controlled by someone else. That couldn't happen. I mean, I'm sure his thoughts are his own. Because right after that Saudi Arabian guy got his nutjob followers to destroy the Twin Towers, Bush got right out there and sent our troops to Iraq. Maybe he just sucks at geography, or has a shitty short-term memory and couldn't remember one sandy country from another. I guess we're lucky he didn't just go bomb the crap out of New Mexico.

CNN had a really interesting breakdown of who voted, categorized by all manner of different factors. Really USA Today-worthy statistical data, but just interesting as to how people look at this from all angles. If you were to look at it that way, you do see patterns. If you look at it upside-down, you see a puppy. Voters turned out in record numbers, which is great. The fact that they turned out in record numbers just so that this nonsense can be perpetuated for another four years... it makes me ill. Maybe they think it's like a reality game show. How high can the deficit go? Let's find out! Let's give him a chance to fix his mistakes. (Heard this one and it stunned me.) Voting for someone does not signify to him/her that you want to give him the chance to fix his mistakes! Voting means you approve of what's gone on so far, and want to see more of it!

Good lord everyone... between the state of affairs at the IRS, and now the state of the country, you may find my website changing from ".com" to ".ca". Canada, with your colder climate and friendly nature, you may find yourself a new citizen.

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