Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Baby It's Cold Outside

We went to Mexico on Monday. Our second trip, and it surprises me how quickly we adapt. The first time, I was riddled with trepidation about going. I'm not a "people person" by any means, so I don't like the thought of crowds. I also do not speak Spanish, and I think it's arrogant of me to go to a country and not speak their language or even have a passing familiarity with it. (Sure, the merchants all speak English for their livelihood, but that's not my point.) I felt bad and even more out of place. I had also heard many a story about beggars and street urchins, so I was picturing all sorts of thievery and squalor. So basically, my first trip to Mexico equated to me being an anti-social, linguistically-challenged, hyperactive guard dog in 100 degree heat. Not a lot of fun for me.

The recent trip was better. Not because I've had a crash course in Spanish, and certainly not because I've received lots of therapy or lots of drugs to counteract my anti-social tendencies. The main reason it was better for me was because it was about 50 degrees cooler this time around. The temperature was in the 50-55 degree range. Despite the balmy December temps, I saw more than one person wearing a heavy winter jacket. I'm talking the big, puffy, Michelin Man-type jacket. Zipped. I grew up in upstate New York. The weather there now is about -10 to -20. Without the wind chill. At those temperatures, parts of your body will break off if you're not careful. To see people dressed as if they're going off on a polar expedition when it was 55 out... well, that's just good comedy right there. All I needed to see to make it better would have been a sled dog pulled by chihuahuas. I was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and feeling a bit warm. (Stupid pants.) More than one merchant wanted me to buy a jacket. I laughed. To be honest, I wished I could have laughed, made my eyes glow, and said: "No necesito una chaqueta. Soy el chupacabra!" But that's mostly because of the whole anti-social thing.


Dawn said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog over at Retarded Rugrat. Always nice to see new faces.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I love Mexicans and anything Spanish.

I would have loved more details.

God bless.

Transoptics said...

Nice to hear about yer trip !

"Warmer" weather xpected here, along avec 4-6 " o' snow mit a fractional amount of ice !?!

At last inventory, all apendages still present, in spite of the record low temps.
I enjoy your posts.

Posting this @ the blazing speed of: 24Kbps !

Tarragon said...

Just thought I'd pop in to say hi as Ive been off line for a few days.

Oh and I'm tagging you too! Have a look

HeadyLamar_NO_NO_It's_Hedley said...

Greeting from Rock Ridge.

Well, not really as that is my rather neglected block. Seemingly a red headed step-block.

In any event, the weather out side is frightful and if anybody finds it delightful, let them be struck down by whichever force of nature.

It's snowy, it's miserable, and the chipperness of folks on the west coast irritates me so.

Placed an order from a company in Cali. The lady, and yes I'll use the term liberally, had the nerve to gripe about it being only 55. Poor poor thing.

But I guess that's the great thing about being a New Yorker. We get shite on. [And yes Won' I know that shit is sans the e, just my Irish half coming out].

Well, it's been awhile figured I'd pop up and say what's up.

And in case Poppa Won sees this, pretty awesome toy ya brought in for me to check out.

Remember these words of wisdom:
1. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from children and babies!

2. This is not a toy

3. Destroy before discarding.

Just some warnings that were printed on a bag that was hand delivered by a young man to my place of employ =)

anyways, have fun all, and good luck with your fighting those lousy INS agents Won'. =)

And pardon and abuses of the English lingiddy. My upper and lower extremeities are fine, but damned those middle ones .

have fun in the blizzard.
well, sun as it were.

Wontar said...

Dawn - My pleasure! Thanks for stopping by!

orikinla osinachi - I'm afraid I wouldn't have had much positive stuff to relate. Not that it was negative, just not much beyond a neutral experience. Sorry.

transoptics (aka "Dad") - Keep your fingers and other extremeties in place. You'll need them when you and the clan come out here for Christmas!

tarragon - Welcome back! Tag answers to follow.