Friday, December 23, 2005


New hats? Check.
New cowboy boots? Check.
Cool scenery? Check
70 degree weather two days before Christmas? Check
Prevent my brother from buying a godawful shirt and find him a better one? Check.
Picture of family with all their new finery? Priceless.


Tarragon said...

Surely letting your siblings go out in godawful fashion disasters is what Christmas is all about? ;-)

Have a good one.

Anonymous said...


Transoptics said...

Looks like an eclectic group, eh !
Especially that old guy on the left !
Where's the horse he just left tied @ the rail ?

Large THANKS to the hosts of this amazing trip !!

BTW, we're fighting ice & fog as I write this. Have started woodstove, and brought in another week's allotment of same !!

Again, THANKS !!

Wontar said...

Tarragon - I make fun of him in other, more subtle ways. I'm mean, but not quite that mean. :)

Anon. - Thanks!

Dad - The horse was scared away by the whirling blades o' death. Our pleasure for hosting, and you can come out and visit any time you like. Get away from the dismal grey, and climb mountains and stuff in the sunshine!