Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Is A Tricky Month

March 31, 1999: I came home from work to find my apartment burned down. (Insurance? What insurance?) Wore the same clothes for a few days, and couldn't get away from the smell of smoke. (Even though it probably only existed in my mind.) Learned that life wasn't about material possessions. (Though I did spend many, many hours cleaning and repairing my computer! Possessions are one thing, my computer is sacred!)

March 31, 2005: We decided to resign and move to Arizona, leaving behind stable (though monstrously aggravating) jobs, friends, friends who are family (not "like family", but family, dammit), and family. Learned that if I had kept on the way I was going, I was on the fast track to a heart attack/stroke/brain implosion/Advil OD. I was living for work, and so was Deb, and there was no end in sight. Or so we thought.

March 31, 2006: Wontar hides under the bed, unsure as to whether the life-changing cycle will stick to its six year pattern or not.


Anonymous said...

For as long as I've known you (your entire life) I have never seen or heard about you making a bad choice! So get out from under the bed and go for a walk and enjoy it. I'm very envious of you, hope to join you at the end of my 6 year plan.

transoptic said...

Hope you're not still under the bed !?!?!?
Never forgot that April, have ya !?!
You left out the phone call to the Parental Elders, advising them of the thermal disaster !
Methinks one Elder & Aged Bro made a trip to assist, if memory serves.
Video available upon request !

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

FUCK!!! SOrry for my language, but I feel so sorry for you and everything that has happened to you and that thus makes April a "tricky month". April has always totally sucked for me as well (back in 1995: the Oklahoma City bombing happened...I was right there in the downtown area for it...and my then-fiancee nearly died 2 weeks later. Last year, my best friend ever killed himself in April).

Just know that others understand and wish you well. :-)


Wontar said...

ariK - Your April is much, much worse than mine. Thanks, though, and you've got my well-wishes right back at ya!