Monday, April 17, 2006

Year One

It's been one full year since I resigned. One year since:

* I had to take sleeping pills in order to get any sort of sleep.
* I took at least six Advil a day, every day, just to get through the day. (And all the lovely side effects that went along with that.)
* I had to repeat the same instructions to the same people over and over and over again because they couldn't be bothered to read/remember/write things down.
* I've had to solve the problems of other people.
* I've had a line of people with questions going out of my office while another person is asking me a question on the phone and another is asking me a question by e-mail.
* I've heard my blood thundering in my head as my blood pressure skyrocketed because of the unspeakable stupidity unveiling itself before my eyes.
* I've had to wait 12 hours to go to the damn bathroom.
* I've had an alarm clock wake me up just as I was falling asleep.
* I've encountered people who treat computers the way most people would treat an alien seed pod. (Poke it with a stick or run away screaming in terror. Or both.)

Strangely enough, I miss none of those things. I do miss some of the people, though, and I wish for them to have better luck with and/or tolerance of that place.

As for me now... I get to wake up naturally and look out at mountains. I rarely wear pants (shorts, people, shorts!), and I only get headaches once a month or so. (That's a brazillion times better than feeling like your head is in a vise every damn day.)

I wouldn't trade this year for anything. (Well, maybe a winning lottery ticket or something.)


transoptic said...

Congrats to both of you for making the right decision.

May you continue to enjoy many, many more years of the same !!

Trée said...

Wontar, I admire the action you took to make a change in your life. Wishing you and Deb much happiness.

stargazer said...

I wouldn't trade this year for anything.

Neither would I. The multiple advils on a daily basis was really worrying me. I know so many people from work didn't give a crap. There's apathy for you.

It's been a WONDERFUL year.

Wontar said...

transoptics and Trée - Thanks! If all else fails, we can go out and be coyote wranglers or something.

Stargazer - :)

Oliviah said...

Wonderful! Sounds like a great life. And how fantastic to have a reduction in headaches to ONCE A MONTH!!! Now THAT sounds heavenly!