Monday, April 24, 2006

Releasing The Inner Demon

I made an image with the new version of Apophysis. When I rendered it, I didn't uncheck the "transparency" box, and it came out quite different than my original image. I tried getting the colors back, and... things... started happening to the image which took me in an entirely different direction. For example, I couldn't see that human figure in the yellow oval in the original. Plain ol' wasn't there. Sometimes, mistakes turn out better than the original intent.


Trée said...

I will certainly toast to serendipity. Which I could say I actually intended to make most of my Apo images. I think part of what attracts me to Apo is you just never know what you are going to see next.

sam said...

Coolness, Wontar! Tell me you also see the fortune-teller sitting behind the crystal ball (the one the human figure is in) as it rises from the force of the smoky explosion? You've got a cover... How 'bout a story to go with it?

Oliviah said...

How cool! Looking at these images really unleashes the imagination.