Friday, March 21, 2008

Reason # 8,529,852 That My Wife Is Amazing

We have a computer in the bedroom. It's connected to the internet so we can watch things like Joost, streaming Ghost Hunters on, and things like that there. It's also proven to be beneficial because the DVD player in the tv has started to skip. So, pop the DVD in the computer, and watch with glee and popcorn.

Ever the tinkerer, I modified one project (my version of the Sun Jar) to get its power from the computer rather than a solar cell. Why? Despite living in Arizona, our place is actually quite shady for 85% of the day. Solar cells don't really have a chance to do their thing in here. So, the jar lights up when the computer is turned on.

The other day, a little gooseneck lamp took a goose dive off of a desk. It wasn't worth replacing the bulb, as we had only used it a few times here. We were going to throw it out, but instead I got a bright idea. (Get it? It's a lamp!) I gutted the lamp, added a white LED where the bulb once was, and routed the power to the same source as my sun jar. (Which I guess is now a computer jar.) The result looks a lot less blurry than this:

Yes, the switch on the lamp works.

My wife is amazing because she lets me do this stuff. So there.

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