Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I've been accepted into a migraine study. It's a double-blind test with a half gainer. Or something like that. All I know is that I got an EKG yesterday, my blood pressure was 112 over 60, and Legos follow me wherever I go. (There were two Lego bricks under the examining table.) (I did not bring them.) The best part is that I get to use a PDA to keep track of migraines. It's password protected, and only has input fields pertaining to the study. It's got a modem in the docking cradle, which is unfortunately of no use to me as we have no landline. I'd e-mail the info to them, but they're not set up for that. Oh well. We'll see how it goes. It'd be nice to see if the medicine actually does anything for my headaches, but I won't know whether or not I'm actually taking the real medicine or the placebo. (Those tricky scientists!)

On a completely unrelated note, and just because I want to, Stargazer Designs News. Because I don't have enough websites to maintain. This one is made out of Joomla, which is absolutely friggin' awesome. I love all the features and plug-ins and whatnot. It still takes tweaking to get it to work well, but huge chunks are taken care of for you, and that makes me happy. I did it mainly to have a decent newsletter for the shop, and the newsletter is pretty darn cool. If I say so myself. I'm the only one qualified to say so, because I'm currently the only subscriber. Go me being the president of our fan club!


Sam said...

Mmmmm.... cranky man plus experimental drugs...

That sounds like a brilliant idea! :)

Hope the meds help, but if not, maybe you can use those Legos to start constructing your cybernetic implants.

(I'm serious about the "Hope the meds help" bit. Just so you know.)

Wontar said...

Thanks, Sam. I haven't started taking the experimental drugs yet, though. I think they need to verify that I get enough headaches first. I'm surprised I don't have a headache now. I slept for about 30 minutes last night. Things are a bit... fuzzy now. Oh, and if I could make cybernetic implants out of Legos, I would have done it years ago! Hell, I'd have my own suit of Iron Man-style armor!

Will said...

Free drugs! :-P
Hope they help with the headaches. Hey, I hear that placebo stuff is real powerful. :-P

and remember, Legos are a man's best friend.

Wontar said...

Thanks, Will. I think I'll go to my next appointment wearing a hat made out of Legos. They'll probably sign me up for another test, but I bet the drugs will be more powerful.