Monday, July 12, 2004

Here's a little slice of the category "Why I'm Pissed Off Most of the Time". I received an award at work. Huzzah and hooray. A whopping $500 award. Make that a daily award, and we're on the right track. Unfortunately, it's not. Here's the funny part, though. That's a $500 award *before* taxes. Hey, it's the IRS after all, so that's what they do. How much is the award after taxes? $329. There's my big freakin' award. And the kicker of it all? Did I get an award because my boss thinks I'm doing a bang-up job? Nope. I got an award because they realized they had a surplus of award money, and if they don't use it all, they lose it next year.

Man, do I feel appreciated.

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