Monday, July 26, 2004

Went to see Spider-Man 2 the other day.  (Eh.  Not worth the hype.  But OK.)  During the previews, they showed one for a must-see called "Anacondas".  They showed the cast of nobodys wandering through the swampy-jungle, with the nifty computer-generated fifty foot snakes slithering and swimming and roaring and eating people.  (Oh no.  I've given away the plot.)  When the trailer ended, a woman behind me turned to her companion and said:  "Are the snakes really that big?"  Yes.  Yes they are.  There are big, humongous, fifty-plus-foot roaring head-chomping snakes in the Amazon.  By the thousands.  The reason that hasn't made the news is because they're so common.  They get the big drooling car-eating snakes like we get ants or houseflies. 

Comments like this stop me cold.  My stupidity filters get overwhelmed or something.  I wonder how people can be this stupid and still function in the world.  And I wonder what happened to evolution, and how, as the years go by, as a species we seem to be losing our thumbs.

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