Wednesday, November 30, 2005

3-D Extravaganza!

I see a griffon on the left, and a dragon-esque creature on the right. They're battling for supremacy in the sky, and the loser will end up paying for lunch. The hard way.

I haven't tried it myself, but it appears to me that if you were to look at this with 3-D glasses it'd pop right out at you. If anybody has the glasses and tests my theory, let me know how it looks.


Transoptics said...

Interesting picture.

Tried 3-D glasses as U requested.
Colours aren't as sharp, however there appears to be more depth in the background. Kinda jumping out at ya would be a good description.

thanks for the visual work-out.

ROY G BIV remember ?

Wontar said...

Leave it to my father to actually have a pair of 3-D glasses. For those who ever wondered if weirdness is genetic, there's your answer!

Thanks Dad!

rdl said...

Yes definitely a griffon, i love it. I haven't had time to figure out that program yet. interesting site.

Wontar said...

rdl - Thanks! Glad you like it!