Saturday, November 12, 2005

Run, Runner!

I'm either the kiss of death for my own childhood, or things are much more out of control than I previously thought.

Allow me to explain: We were watching Logan's Run today. I was going to post something about how, if that movie were remade today, people wouldn't get the message. Or the fact that the message the movie was making back in 1976 is even worse almost 30 years later. Or the simple fact that the story requires some thought on the part of the viewer.

When I went to IMDB to get the link above, I saw that there is in fact a remake in the works with a tentative 2006 release date.

Here's the exceedingly brief synopsis of the 2006 version: "A young man at odds with his society's mandatory death sentence for all those turning 21 plots a daring escape on the eve of his fateful birthday." For those of you unfamiliar with the 1976 version of the movie, let me provide you with the view of someone who saw it scant hours ago: that's not what happened in the movie. That's what happens in the book. So, they're not so much remaking the movie as they're going to take a shot at actually adapting the original story.

I'm just not a fan of remakes. I hate having my childhood toyed with. Lucas destroyed Star Wars, Burton wrecked Planet of the Apes. Creature From The Black Lagoon is coming, and I'm nervous. Why do I even care? "They're just movies," you say. No they are not. They're a large slice of my childhood. When I was growing up, the nearest kid my own age was 3 miles away. The nearest kid I liked was 6 miles away. Add to that my wonderfully inadequate immune system that granted me all manner of pneumonia/bronchitis/black death every time I friggin' went outside (even in the summer!), and all that adds up to the fact that the TV and I were close. (Oh, and no cable TV either, ya whippersnappers.) Lying on the couch with a fever was all the more bearable because I got to see the Gill Man walk among us, or giant ants eat people.

Now that I've rambled so successfully and lived up to the title of this blog, I'll leave you with one thought which, if you know what I mean by it, you know exactly how I feel:

Han shot first.

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