Saturday, November 26, 2005


I've come to the decision that it's no longer necessary to own a domain since so much hosting stuff is available for free. Therefore, one month from today will no longer exist. This site, however, will still exist. If you're interested, update your bookmarks to

I had "" for five years, and in going through the files there I had a lot of stuff that was personal, but I also found some stuff that was used for work. By that I mean that I did some code tests and sample pages and whatnot, just to see how things functioned off of a server. It made me realize that I had the domain mostly for myself, but also so that I could do more work at home for a place that didn't appreciate it. I didn't like that realization much, as you may well imagine.

That means my e-mail address will change as well, but most of my regular readers already know what that is. If you don't have it, then e-mail me.

In other news... not much. Thanksgiving was festive, and I didn't gain weight because of it. It did, however, mark the end of my pantsless run. I actually wore jeans for the first time since May 4. The streak, so to speak, has ended. But that's OK, because the pants were loose.

There's your PSA for today. You may now resume your stuff.

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