Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cool yet again! (But for different reasons.) Someone actually spent over an hour looking at my site? Holy crap! (And I use that phrase, because it's a Rhode Island native.) (Family Guy. Duh.) Here's an item of interest for whoever you are, and the rest of you... A late addition to Jerf's website at work was a forum thing wherein technical issues were discussed. The logic being that the stuff would be posted for all to see, so that everyone would get the same, unchanging answer at the click of a link. This would seem logical to most rational life forms, which in hindsight is why it was doomed to fail. That forum has since been taken down, with the excuse that "all the managers" agreed that their people preferred paper. Paper, that doesn't get updated, that gets held onto and revered as a holy relic long after its usefulness has expired. Yes, dear reader, paper. The stuff that this former art major hardly uses any more.

That's sad for a couple of reasons. It's sad because it's completely plausible. The technophobes at work fear the computer and prefer paper almost as much as they enjoy their 15 minute feedings. (That's eating once every 15 minutes, for 15 minutes at a time.) Turns out, though, that not all the managers agreed to this. The managers' managers all said this was the case, but in reality it's because they had no *control* over the answers that were being given. Mind you, these are technical answers, and not a one of them has even a jot of technical background. In anything. Much less the work that's being done in their departments. But they couldn't have just anyone handing out answers, could they? Someone might actually get information that's useful and beneficial! Can't have that! It might start a dangerous precedent! So, they made the paper decree, so they could all sign it with bold strokes of the pen and photocopy it by the hundreds. Laying waste to even more trees than before. Because, after all, what are trees but the stuff they make the cardboard boxes out of for the flatbeds of cookies and other assorted pastries that must be consumed by their drones? Must keep control of the empire!

In case you couldn't tell, work continues to make me physically ill. Anyone out there with a job offer can e-mail me whenever you please. I'm becoming less and less picky as the minutes tick by.

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